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Undefeated Figures offers an incredible set of figures made with the size of '67 Bigmen in mind, as well as figures from other custom makers. They come pre-formed and already completely assembled.  If you just want to paint, base them up, and play, these are the figures you want.  They redefine what a "standard" figure is in Miniature football.


Undefeated Figures are built with the tactical coach in mind.  The coach that demands the best performance from his individualized team.  By utilizing Tru-Size Technology as explained below, a coach gets enhanced physics, and more true, life-like gameplay.  

Premium Figures

Using human models, and size to weight algorithms designed to create improved physics, and gameplay,  players have accurate height and weight ratios like their real life collegiate and NFL counterparts. No longer will you see offensive linemen getting towered over by running backs, or safeties who have the same physical dimensions as defensive linemen.   A WR1 in the NFL averages 6'3 and 214 pounds.  A slot receiver averages 6'0 and 195 pounds.  Using Undefeated figures, you can now differentiate between the two because of the height and weight differences.  

TRU-SIZE Technology

Lightweight Option

For those coaches who demand peak performance at a lighter weight, there is a lightweight option for our figures. This option is specifically designed for 4.0g tournaments and leagues.  When purchasing the figures, you have the ability of selecting this option during checkout.  This option prints the figures with a hollow pocket in the inside.  The walls of the figure are still 1mm thick, giving it good strength that won't break under normal stressful loads.  In printing, there is still uncured resin that remains in the hollowed out pocket.  This must be released by dremeling a small hole into the backside of the figure and allowing the excess resin to seep out.  Once you drill the hole, the best option is to soak the figure in rubbing alcohol to completely remove the resin from the inside of the figure.  Once done, you can cover the Dremel hole with Green Stuff or paint.   An offensive lineman that weights 2.7g in the standard version can reach 2.0g by using this method.  Skilled players can reach 1.7g, which leaves a lot of room for coaches to add weight where they want it - to the bottom of the base.

You can't have a next generation player without a next generation look!  The SpeedFlex helmet is available for all Figures (facemasks not included).

Speedflex Helmets

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